Direct Check

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Regal Technologies Direct Check

Direct Check software enables your business to print “ready to deposit” paper demand checks right from your laser printer. By installing the Direct Check software, your business gets paid immediately.

Who it's For

Direct Check is designed for Businesses that:

  • Accept payment from customers now instead of waiting for mail
  • Want the ability to print paper drafts
  • Want to eliminate broken promises
  • Want to reduce follow up times
  • Why wait for the payment? That’s not the question, it’s the answer

The process is simple. You get verbal authorization to produce a draft check from the customer’s bank account, then print, sign and deposit the check in your bank. What could be easier? Direct Check will track payment plans, produce notice of intent to deposit letters, and provide statistical reporting to track employee performance. Direct Check is available as a stand alone or network version and is integrated with the Regal's ACH Processor for businesses that want the convenience of printing checks and/or sending to ACH within the same batch. You will increase your payments and collections!

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