Regal Technologies Products & Solutions

ACH/Check Solutions_____________________________________

ACH Processor - The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is an electronic batch processing system used by the Federal Reserve. Instead of using paper to carry necessary transaction information, (like a check), ACH transactions are transmitted electronically between financial institutions.

Direct Check - Direct Check software enables your business to print “ready to deposit” paper checks right from your laser printer. By installing the Direct Check software, your business gets paid immediately.

Credit Card Solutions_____________________________________

Merchant Accounts - We do not issue credit card merchant accounts on purpose. Instead, we review and refer organizations that know your industry, have a good track record and very competitive pricing models. We've done the hard part in finding reputable providers. Use us as your advocate!

Web Payment Solutions___________________________________

HostPay - Hosted consumer facing payment page solution. Merchants can hyperlink to HostPay from their existing website or use HostPay as a stand alone branded website for credit card processing. When a consumer begins to make a payment they are redirected to a secure payment page hosted on our secure web servers. HostPay collects the payment information and completes the authorization in real time.

BatchPay - Our flexible easy to use batch processing tool allows a merchant to upload a single file containing thousands of individual transactions. BatchPay reduces the time associated with individually inputting credit card transactions - One click of a button and our automated payment system does the rest

RecurPay - RecurPay is designed for merchants that want to accept credit cards for recurring payments. This easy-to-use, web-based tool, provides a secure way to manage accounts receivable, update and maintain billing information and improve cash flow.

Fraud Detection Suite - A set of customizable, rules-based filters and tools that identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions. You can customize FDS filters and tools to match your business needs and control how suspicious transactions are handled, including the ability to approve, decline or hold transactions for manual review.

Call Center Solutions_____________________________________

VirtualPay - Provides a secure, real-time authorization of employee facing credit cards and some debit cards. VirtualPay is easy to access through any computer with a web browser and will help you improve your customer service and your bottom line. VirtualPay is a branded website for credit card processing.

Developer Solutions______________________________________

DevConnect - Allows merchants and developers to customize the look and function of their online payment service. DevConnect's comprehensive list of payment APIs support multiple development languages, and platforms.

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Process Checks with Confidence Using Electronic Fund Transfer via ACH or Printed Paper Demand Drafts

Check and Funds Verification all done in real-time!

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Credit Cards

If you need a Credit Card Merchant Account, Regal can refer you to Merchant Account Providers that know your industry, have a good track record and very competitive pricing models.

Contact us to speak to a Payment Specialist.

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Web Payments

Accept and Process Payments Using HostPay through your website, BatchPay via payment file uploads and RecurPay payment scheduling.

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Call Center

Contact a Regal Payment Specialist for an overview of how our VirtualPay CSR Portal can increase your call center efficiency.

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