Regal Technologies Check Verify

Using Regal CheckVerify Merchants can Validate Routing and Account Number Combinations, Positive/Negative Check Writing History, and determine if positive funds are in the checking account to Reduce the Risks of Check Acceptance.

The Regal Technologies CheckVerify suite of check verification services offers access to Accuity, NCN and the Early Warning national check verification databases to satisfy multiple business models. The benefits of the various CheckVerify services is to reduce the losses due to bounced or invalid checks, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of check processing for merchants.

Who it's For

Check Verify is designed for use by merchants that:

  • Want to accept checks and decrease the risk of NSF or fraud.
  • Want real-time notification of closed or invalid checking accounts before payment processing.
  • Want a history of bad check and stop payment occurrences for a specific check writer.
  • Want the real-time verification of open accounts with positive funds before processing.

How it Works

With a simple Internet connection a merchant can access their CheckVerify webpage. Utilizing a virtual terminal, the merchant can import a batch file, manually enter, or use a check reader to input the check MICR. Within seconds the merchant will receive a response from the verification network(s) indicating a positive or negative response. The merchant then decides (based on the response) how they want to proceed with processing/depositing the check. Additionally, some merchants may want to use CheckVerify to verify bank account “readiness” for future transactions that might be processed on a recurring or one-time basis.

Optionally, CheckVerify is fully integrated with the Regal ACH Processor. If the merchant is also using the Regal ACH Processor (purchased separately), the merchant will be given the option of processing the positive check responses via ACH. The ACH Processor will only process the checks that came back with a positive response.  

Regal offers two (2) CheckVerify versions (CheckVerify and CheckVerify Pro). Based on the version selected, the merchant will receive the following services:

  1. CheckVerify (Accuity + NCN)

  2. CheckVerify Pro (Accuity + NCN + Early Warning)

Please review our whitepaper for a detailed description of each service.

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