Regal Technologies ACH/Check Solutions

Regal Technologies' ACH/Check Solutions enable companies to process checks with confidence using funds transfer via ACH or printed paper demand drafts

ACH Processor - The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is an electronic batch processing system used by the Federal Reserve. Instead of using paper to carry necessary transaction information, (like a check), ACH transactions are transmitted electronically between financial institutions.

CheckVerify - Using Regal CheckVerify Merchants can Validate Routing and Account Number Combinations, Positive/Negative Check Writing History, and determine if positive funds are in the checking account to Reduce the Risks of Check Acceptance.

Direct Check - Direct Check software enables your business to print “ready to deposit” paper demand checks right from your laser printer. By installing the Direct Check software, your business gets paid immediately.

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Process Checks with Confidence Using Electronic Fund Transfer via ACH or Printed Paper Demand Drafts

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Credit Cards

Regal specializes in obtaining
Credit Card Merchant Accounts in the “hard to get” Collections and Legal Industries.

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Web Payments

Accept and Process Payments Using HostPay through your website, BatchPay via payment file uploads, RecurPay payment scheduling.

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Call Center

Contact a Regal Payment Specialist for an overview of how our VirtualPay CSR Portal can increase your call center efficiency.

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