About Regal Technologies

re•gal (re-gal) adjective: “of notable excellence or magnificence” Striving for excellence is the goal of Regal Technologies. As the name implies, it is our absolute desire to provide only the best services and products. In naming ourselves Regal Technologies, we intentionally hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Who is Regal Technologies?

Regal Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned corporation with primary offices in the Washington DC and Baltimore, MD metropolitan areas. Regal provides payment processing services such as:

Our mission is to provide secure, reliable enterprise level payment processing products and services that create immediate return on investment. With proactive technical support and thousands of users, Regal Technologies has positioned itself to become a first choice payment processing platform for all industries.

Regal's History

E-Complish, Inc. started providing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to customers to collect both check and credit card payments via telephone. E-Complish needed a way to provide a paper check draft for its clients. Striking a deal with Direct Check, Inc. a well known provider of check producing software with the capabilities to accept an imported file, a relationship was born and the checks were produced flawlessly.

As the years passed, both E-Complish and Direct Check were being asked by its clients to provide ACH Processing. Not knowing the future demand, both companies entered into a partnership agreement to provide ACH Processing to their clients. After several successful contracts, the demand for ACH Processing was increasing dramatically. Almost like a light bulb, the partners of E-Complish and Direct Check had the idea to provide an ACH solution under one company.

Started as a full function ACH Processor, Regal Technologies became more than an idea in September of 2002. The rest is history in the making.

Regal Facilities

Utilizing existing infrastructure of E-Complish and Direct Check, Regal Technologies was started without all of the normal startup costs of a new business, and instead was able to concentrate its efforts on support and customer service. In fact, we like to think of Regal Technologies as a spin-off company with dual offices in, Maryland. Regal Technologies enjoys economies of scale with already established efficiencies in place (see systems and security) and the same great leadership and customer service of E-Complish and Direct Check.

Why Choose Regal Technologies?

The partners of Regal Technologies have a belief that it doesn’t help to complain about something unless you are willing to do something about it. After seeing the need for faster payment processing, the need for a faster notification of returns, and the "fee for everything" approach of typical banking; it was simply time to fix it.

Regal Affiliations

Member of Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) www.electran.org

Member of NACHA's Affiliate Program www.nacha.org

Member of the American Collector's Association (ACA) www.collector.com

Member of Debt Buyers Association International (DBA International) www.dbainternational.org


Process Checks with Confidence Using Electronic Fund Transfer via ACH or Printed Paper Demand Drafts.


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Credit Cards

If you need a Credit Card Merchant Account, Regal can refer you to Merchant Account Providers that know your industry, have a good track record and very competitive pricing models.

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Web Payments

Accept and Process Payments Using HostPay through your website, BatchPay via payment file uploads and RecurPay payment scheduling.

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Call Center

Contact a Regal Payment Specialist for an overview of how our VirtualPay CSR Portal can increase your call center efficiency.

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